Workshop: “Flexible Sculptures”

November 2022
Three-day workshop on my sculptural method.

Available to students at De Academie voor Theater en Dans,
Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten

Snippets from the workshop
The participants were introduced to my practice and how I work with clay and latex, and then encouraged to work intuitively and freely with the materials on a self-initiated project, with the support and help from me and the fellow participants.

We experimented with textures, different pigments, supporting structures, finding and pushing the limits of the materials, and patience.

The result was three amazing days of play and experimentation, and I was beyond proud of the work that came out of it in the end. 

In the videos and images below you’ll find pieces created in the workshop by Yukino, Grete, Aurélie, Johanne, Thommy, Yooha, Nana, Sancha, and Helene. Thank you all for participating with such joy and passion! I am forever proud and grateful ♥

Thank you to De Academie voor Theater en Dans for the opportunity
and to Helene Ridderberg and Sancha Castro for organising it