Suncatchers at Konvooi Festival

Outdoor installation of “Suncatchers” in the Harbour of Bruges, Belgium
Installation for Konvooi Festival 2023, arranged by Het Entrepot

The Suncatchers’ original circular latex sheets had decomposed a lot during the summer of 2023, so in my residency at Het Entrepot I added new ones on top of the old.

I like to think of it as the Suncatchers regrowing their skin without erasing the previous one and that this cycle continues, leaving behind layers of old sheets similar to rings in a tree.

A simulation of regeneration.

Konvooi Festival 2023 lasted exactly 3 days during which the wind absolutely beat up my Suncatchers. Although being cooperative, bending and swaying, they didn’t stand a chance on the wide port and even had to be tucked away every night to avoid a fait on the seabed. By the end of the festival, the new skin was as broken down as the old, perhaps even more, but boy oh boy did we have fun along the way!

Until next time the sun will kiss us, they will grow thicker skin - and so the cycle continues.