Habitat, it dwells

Full room installation, approx. 55m2 
My graduation project, installed at KABK Graduation Show

Installation of 15 sculptures, 2 site-specific pieces, humidifiers, PVC-strip-covered entrance-/exit-points, and an interactive element of scented spray bottles.

We are facing years of extreme changes, you and I, and we will live to see the world ecologically shift.
With my installation “Habitat, it dwells”, I focus on the acceleration of climate zone shifts we are currently facing, and its consequences for habitats. When climates change, their inhabitants must adapt, migrate, or face extinction, creating opportunities for new species to flourish. This installation is the result of imagining these future dwellers, evolved to thrive in a speculative local ecosystem, shaped by intense rainfall, soaring temperatures, and the potential absence of humans.

Offering to some a utopian, to others a dystopian glimpse into the future, I try to translate my own anxieties and hopes, combining a sense of magical beauty with horror in the aesthetics of each sculpture. My aim is not to educate on climate change, since I think we are way past the need for that, but instead offer composure in the fantasy of our demise.

I at least found peace in understanding that life literally goes on without us; How habitats forever dwell, no matter how many inhabitants come and go, evolve or go extinct. 

Viewers were encouraged to mist the sculptures and thereby accelerate
their decaying process while increasing the humidity of the space.
The bottles contained a mix of water and ylang-ylang,
orange, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, and petitgrain oil.