An evening with the Shadow

Happening / Event

An evening of experimental dining, performances, and art installations.
The event took place 6th of November in Barth Kapel, Den Haag (NL) with 30 dining guests.

In the candlelit chapel, guests were served a 4-course vegan meal that saluted the Shadow, complemented by surrounding installations and performances between each meal.

Installations by Silke Riis and Inge Maria Maier.
Performances by ILAR, Shana De Villiers, Maria Chiara Ziosi, and Gabriel Filomena.

Installed by Silke Riis was the piece “Epibiosis (living on top of/living underneath)” in an early stage, used as container of welcome drink.


amuse bouche
agar agar water drop with ginger, lemon, salt 

salad of roasted black radish, cucumber and apple

grilled blackened tofu steak & coconut broth over rice noodles, variety of mushrooms, cauliflower

black chocolate cake with beetroot and sugar glass

Concept, event and organisation made by Silke Riis, Shana De Villiers and Gabriel Filomena.

Photo documentation by Dustin James.